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Helping patients remain comfortable and relaxed during treatment is one of our primary goals at Sango Family Dentistry. We use effective methods of sedation to make this goal possible.

Sedation Dentistry in Clarksville

Sedation refers to medicine that is provided for the purpose of reducing pain and anxiety before and during dental treatment. Many dental procedures are made more comfortable with just a little bit of help from sedative medicine. We are always very cautious when using sedation, and each dose is carefully measured to ensure that the patient receives the best possible results.

Some of the dental procedures that typically warrant the use of sedation include most oral surgeries, periodontal treatments and services, teeth extractions and root canal procedures. Our practice offers local anesthesia, oral sedation, IV sedation, general anesthesia and laughing gas.

What is Local Anesthesia?

Local anesthesia is numbing medicine that is applied by injection to the site of dental work shortly prior to treatment. A local anesthetic will numb the immediate area where it is applied and prevent the patient from experiencing pain during a procedure. This medicine is strictly for managing pain, and it will not directly reduce a patient’s anxiety.

What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation refers to sedative medicine that is provided in the form of a pill shortly prior to treatment. Once the medicine takes effect, the patient will be made less susceptible to pain, and any anxiety will be greatly reduced. The patient may be less aware of their surroundings while the medicine is in effect.

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is medicine that is provided for a patient through an IV. The medicine will go into action very quickly, and it will have strong effects. The patient will become less susceptible to pain, and they will be more accepting of receiving dental treatment. The medicine will wear off fairly quickly once the treatment is complete.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is medicine that is designed to allow a patient to sleep during dental treatment. The patient will experience no pain or discomfort, and they will have no recollection of the treatment being performed.

What is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is a sedative medicine that is provided in the form of an inhaled gas. The substance is safe for patients of all ages, and it takes effect very quickly. After a patient has inhaled the gas, they will be less aware of any pain or discomfort, and any feelings of anxiety will be dismissed. The medicine wears off fast, and the patient can continue on with their day as normal following treatment.

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Review from Stephanie S.
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five-star review

Stephanie S.

Just Wow! What an awesome friendly staff! They were all so kind and easy to talk to on the first visit. The office is decorated nicely and they have lots of machines I've never seen before which is nice to see a place trying to stay up to date with technology. And they have TVs which is a bonus. It's refreshing to see an entire staff with a positive attitude.
Review from Patricia W.
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five-star review

Patricia W.

Sango Family Dentistry is by far the best experience I have had when having dental work done. From the greeting at the front desk to the completion of the work, everyone was helpful and pleasant. The doctor was gentle when he was working on my teeth, and even checked on me later that evening to make sure I was okay. Highly recommend!
Review from Brad C.
five-star review

Brad C.

Sango Family Dentistry is awesome.... simply put. Went in to get a bridge today and was in the chair for 2 hours. Dr. Troung and Grace were excellent! They treated me with respect and patience and made sure I was completely comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of dental work.
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