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Mouth guards are crucial for protecting an athlete’s teeth when they play a contact sport. We offer top-quality mouth guards that provide outstanding comfort and performance.

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In the heat of the big game, the last thing you want is to take a hard hit that causes severe damage to your oral structures. Likewise, you also don’t want to be distracted by a big bulky mouth guard that is uncomfortable and makes it difficult to breathe. The experts at Sango Family Dentistry have a solution to this quandary with our custom-fitted mouth guards. These lightweight and ingenious devices provide top-quality protection and comfort, thereby representing the ideal solution for many athletes.

Athletes who wear mouth guards are much less likely to sustain a serious oral health injury or damage to their teeth when they take a hard hit to the mouth. The mouth guard cushions the blow, and in most cases, it allows the user to continue on. The secret to our mouth guards is that they are custom-fitted to provide the best protection and comfort possible. They are vastly superior over store-bought alternatives which might not fit properly and can make it difficult to speak and breathe normally. That way, their sole focus is on the task at hand: winning the game.

There are many benefits to using a mouth guard to protect one’s teeth. In addition to preventing missing or damaged teeth. Mouth guards can also help prevent certain head injuries and other damage. This includes concussions, damage to the oral structures and oral lacerations. It certainly can mean the difference between getting right back into the action and being sidelined with a serious injury.

Since our mouth guards are custom-designed, a patient must make at least two visits to our practice in order to receive one. The first visit involves taking impressions of the teeth. The impressions will then be forwarded to a dental laboratory so that the mouth guard can be constructed. Once the mouth guard is ready, the patient will return to pick it up and make sure the fit is perfect. All of our mouth guards are built using the finest materials available. This helps ensure that they last as long as possible and offer the strongest performance. A patient can normally expect a custom-fitted mouth guard to last between two and three years.

In addition to athletic mouth guards, Sango Family Dentistry also offers night guards to help prevent any damage caused by bruxism. This is a sleep disorder that causes an individual to unknowingly clench and grind their teeth while they are asleep. If bruxism is left untreated, it can lead to chipped and cracked teeth, recurring jaw pain, worn-down tooth enamel and other oral health issues. Wearing a night guard can help prevent these issues. Just like our athletic mouth guards, our night guards are custom-designed to provide the best possible comfort and performance.

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Review from Ashley R.
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Ashley R.

My experience was phenomenal. Dr. Anderson and the whole staff is amazing and treats everyone with the upmost respect. I absolutely hate being numb, but I didn’t feel a thing. It’s been two days since my procedure and my smile is back and I am feeling amazing. This team truly knows how to make you feel at home.
Review from Lauren W.
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five-star review

Lauren W.

I have finally found the dentist that I enjoy.... Well no one truly enjoys going to the dentist, but this place is so welcoming. My dental assistant is always so sweet, and Dr. Brim is very comforting during my uncomfortable visits. :)
Review from Kyle C.
five-star review

Kyle C.

Very informative and polite throughout the whole treatment. Always do a wonderful job!
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