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Fillings are one of the most common dental restorations that we provide at Sango Family Dentistry. Common cavities and minor tooth decay can be overcome with our fast and effective composite fillings that leave teeth strong and looking great.

Dental Fillings in Clarksville

One of the most important parts of any standard dental examination is to check for any cavities or signs of tooth decay. Fortunately, most cavities and minor forms of tooth decay do not represent any major concern. The key is to address these issues before they develop into more serious problems. The best way to do this is often with a dental filling.

A cavity is a hole or void in a tooth. It is caused by prolonged exposure to harmful bacteria, tartar and plaque that causes the tooth’s surface to experience deterioration and decay. The typical cavity is not a serious problem when it first develops, but it will continue to grow deeper over time. If the cavity becomes deep enough, food particles and bacteria can potentially use the opening to access the tooth’s inner pulp. This can result in a serious infection that will usually require more advanced treatment. Our experts work to address cavities and get patients the treatment they need before this happens.

Dental fillings are designed to seal off cavities and restore a tooth’s overall structure and integrity. This is done by applying a carefully crafted paste-like substance directly to the spot of the cavity and allowing it to harden so that it achieves the desired consistency. The process is very efficient, and fillings can be completed in a single visit.

Sango Family Dentistry is proud to offer composite dental fillings that yield excellent results. Our composite fillings are comprised of a crafted mixture of plastic resins and silica fillers. This composite mixture is incredibly durable and highly flexible, making it perfect for use as a filling substance. Once the process is complete, the patient will be able to use the tooth normally. Our fillings look remarkably natural and are also incredibly safe, as they do not release any harmful metals or toxins into the body.

Remember, dental fillings can only be used to restore teeth with minor damage. If a cavity grows too large or if a tooth experiences severe decay, then more advanced treatment may be required. Some of the more advanced procedures that are used to restore damaged or decayed teeth include dental crowns, inlays, onlays and root canal procedures. Our experts can determine whether or not a filling is appropriate for restoring a damaged tooth.

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Review from Ashley R.
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Ashley R.

My experience was phenomenal. Dr. Anderson and the whole staff is amazing and treats everyone with the upmost respect. I absolutely hate being numb, but I didn’t feel a thing. It’s been two days since my procedure and my smile is back and I am feeling amazing. This team truly knows how to make you feel at home.
Review from Lauren W.
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five-star review

Lauren W.

I have finally found the dentist that I enjoy.... Well no one truly enjoys going to the dentist, but this place is so welcoming. My dental assistant is always so sweet, and Dr. Brim is very comforting during my uncomfortable visits. :)
Review from Kyle C.
five-star review

Kyle C.

Very informative and polite throughout the whole treatment. Always do a wonderful job!
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